Is it possible to create a passive income every month?

The big question, is it possible? Well, we wont’t know unless we try. So the quest to seek the answer to the question begins. I have been indulging in lots of inspirational blogs and listening to podcasts about how entrepreneurs have come about putting up their businesses by acting on an idea.

I have heaps of ideas that I have never put any action on. Some I did but never followed up on to gain traction.

I have created a bucket of ideas- I have them as post-its on the wall as well as digital copies.  I’ll continuously pour my ideas on this bucket and this would be the pool where I would start pulling then plan and build these passive income streams. My ideas range from blogs, apps, photography, videos, tutorials and some physical products too. One thing in common that I would like to incorporate is that each should solve a problem. The bigger the problem the more money it can make.

But why is this different now? You ask. I might end up with nothing again. The difference now is there is a corresponding plan for each idea and there is an implied deadline. Ideas that don’t have deadline tend to just be ignored. Think of it as a real paying job where deadlines need to be met.

To attain this, I need to work smart. For the most part of January, I’ll be planning and breaking down the tasks. Estimated working on these project at least 2 hours a day.



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