Sharing what I’m passionate about

Sometimes I get mixed up with all the things I want to do, achieve and with all the thoughts that cycles through my mind on what could have been. Seldom appreciating on what I have already accomplished. My drive immediately wants to me to try something else, something bigger or better.

As the first basic passive income project on my list. What I’m missing is the opportunity to build more on those accomplishments. Share them before moving on to the next and have others learn from them.   I’ve been passionate about learning new technology, solving problems and making things work.  I have an old technology site that I blog at that I share some rants here and there, some tutorials here and there. My driving force now is that if I solved a problem or have an accomplishment share it exhaustively, reach all mediums. Focus more on the content. The most active post I have are those that solves a real problem.

Earnings from ads on the blog is nowhere near where I want it to be. Beginning target earnings is that it should be sufficient to pay the hosting and domain cost. The rest would add to my passive income stream.

I have laid down the plans for the site. One task is making it mobile friendly and one is a bit of overhaul on the design. Putting in at least 1-2 post a week. This has already started and this would go on till the end of February until I move on to my next passive income project.


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