February Passive Income and Goal Update

This the first round up since starting this blog. The goal is to increase the passive income to be financially independent. The road is long and the target is to retire when I’m 53 years old and I just turned 41 years old today.

This is my January stats:

Blog / Adsense 0.33 USD Just Another Dang Blog and earning through traffic.
Family Youtube Channel 0.75 USD Wife and kids have their own channel that we monetized as well
Bank Interest 1 NZD Serious Saver @ 2.35 % p.a., did not earn the premium interest

My strategy for now is not to touch any of the incomes derived from these investments but let it accumulate to a reasonable chunk. I’ll be checking the growth per month with +/- indicators.

February 2017 @ 1 NZD to 35.77 Pesos
PSE Stocks : 983.36 NZD
UI Trust Funds : 55.18 NZD
Mutual Funds : 40.11 NZD
Bank Interest : 1 NZD
Online Passive Income : 2.40 NZD

Total: 1082.05 NZD

Actions completed this month.
Started planning for new online passive ideas to implement in the upcoming months.
Fixed my tech blog and started seeing traffic increase.
Created a term interest to get consistent bank interest.


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