Passive Income Summary Report for February

Was having a productive month and just like that February is over. Well welcome, March.

Final summary of what have transpired for February on the path to building passive income.

Project Amount Currency Description
Adsense 3.95 USD Revitalized my tech blog – Just Another Dang Blog and earning through traffic.
HowTo Youtube Channel 0.23 USD A new Youtube channel, Just Another Dang How To Channel that earns revenue through views.
Family Youtube Channel 3.97 USD Wife and kids have their own channel that we monetized as well
Bank Interest 15.27 NZD Serious Saver @ 2.35 % p.a.

What transpired this February

  • Reserved a company in New Zealand and bought a domain.
  • Opened up a Term Deposit with my bank
  • Started a new HowTo Youtube channel

And the plan for March are the following

  • Finish one or two WordPress plugins and list them in Code Canyon
  • My first MVP – plan and build to get it listed on a Salesforce AppExchange
  • Register the company and pay the fees.
  • Increase tech blog traffic and add more videos to my channel at least  1 video per week average.

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