Passive Income Summary Report for March

Passive Income Summary Report for March

Project Amount Currency Description
Blog / Adsense 2.17 USD Revitalized my tech blog – Just Another Dang Blog, only one blog post for March
HowTo Youtube Channel 1.69 USD Added more videos and subscribers are starting to pick up
Family Youtube Channel 4.88 USD Wife and kids have their own channel that we monetized as well
Bank Interest 11.26 NZD Serious Saver @ 2.35 % p.a.
Term Interest 18.51 NZD Term Deposit @ 3.60% p.a.

Summing up what went well and what did not go so well for March.

Did not go well:

  • MVP for Worpress plugin- The problem I was trying to solve  already had an existing solution in the market.
    • I did not think initially of how my product would be better even if I started out just the basic features
    • I spent too much time relearning the platform instead of straight away building and hacking the product.
    • Don’t have a user base to ask if they would user my product if I release it
  • Blog – my blogging has dwindled for March as I was spending too much time on the MVP and getting inspirations.
  • Time Management – could use time well to study, blog, create videos and code.

Did go well:

  • Youtube – started out making tutorials for some HowTo stuffs and it has started to pick up traffic.

April Plan of Action

  • I will keep on pushing the WordPress Plugin to get the MVP product out mid April.
  • Come up with a schedule for releasing videos – at least 2 videos per week on my Youtube channel
  • Upskill and blog on WordPress, PHP, Javascript, Git and Jenkins
  • Upskill and blog on Integration Architect on Salesforce

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