Passive Income Summary Report for April

Did it again. I always start strong but then some minor things not going my always always sidetracks me to what I want.

My Passive Income Summary Report for April

Project Amount Currency Description
Blog / Adsense 2.58 USD Only 1 blog post
HowTo Youtube Channel 0.69 USD Youtube new policy of displaying ads only for channels with 10K views imposed
Family Youtube Channel 5.24 USD Wife and kids have their own channel that we monetized as well
Bank Interest 12.03 NZD Serious Saver @ 2.35 % p.a.
Term Interest 20.48 NZD Term Deposit @ 3.60% p.a.

Did go well

  • Kept saving 10% of my income
  • Added a little to my trust funds, Kiwi Saver and stocks – (not computing these as passive incomes at the moment)

Did not go well.

  • Last April after just starting my channel and earning through displaying ads. Youtube changed their policy and would only display ads for channels with 10K views.
  • I skipped doing the WordPress plugin idea.
  • I barely started on the AppExchange idea.

May and June outcome are very similar.


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